A Better Way To Build

Colorado Modular Homes Factory

Colorado Modular FactoryAt Colorado Modular Homes we have truly found a better way to build. The process begins at the off-site construction facility. Our homes are built in a controlled environment. Having the components of your home built in a controlled environment with strict quality control and monitoring produces a better home than site built homes which have little to no documented quality control systems. All of the materials used in your home are the same, or better, than what you will find in a traditional stick built home. In fact, modular homes are “stick built”. The entire house is framed using the same methods and materials as a site built home. However, because we build in a controlled environment we have the tools and systems to do it better. Walls are laid out on perfectly flat jigs, using not only screws to attach the drywall but also glue. There is no possibly that your house will see rain or snow on the floors at any time during its construction at the factory. .. The factory process allows efficiencies and controls that give us the right to say that that the process is a “Better Way to Build”.

Better Way to Build Video (Modular Homes Factory)

Site Work

Colorado Modular Factory site workOne of the best parts about Modular Construction is that while your home is being built at the factory the site work can be completed preparing for the homes arrival. This two part schedule where the home and site work can happen at the same time is one of the big time saving advantages of modular home construction. Depending on what service option you choose CMH or your general contractor will excavate and have the foundation completed prior to your home’s arrival. The foundation that is designed for your home will be identical to the foundation for a traditional stick built home. The home itself is designed to meet or exceed the IRC 2012 building code. This is the same building code that site built homes are built to and that local building departments typically enforce.

Delivery and Set

Colorado Modular House Set

Colorado Modular Home freshly delivered from the factory

Once the site is ready and your home is completed at the factory, The home is delivered to the site on trucks specially designed for hauling modular homes. Your home will arrive fairly complete with the cabinets and countertops installed, and most of the electrical and plumbing complete as well.

Once the home is delivered, the set crew sets the home on your foundation with a crane. By the end of the set, your home is completely protected from the elements.

Colorado Modular Homes Newly Delivered Home

Finish and Move In

Colorado Modular Homes Finished houseAfter your home is set on the foundation it is now the time to get to all the finishing details. The design and look of these details is what really sets Colorado Modular Homes apart. We are often told that “your homes look different from other modular homes”, a compliment in which we take a lot of pride. Your home will stand out because of the attention to small details. This is why we take the time to design you a great beamed front entryway and rock accents on the exterior. We carefully select your outdoor lighting and add steel accents to the deck posts – these little things are what really sets a home apart.