Welcome to Colorado Modular Homes

At Colorado Modular Homes we specialize in creating custom high quality modular homes. We utilize several methods of off-site construction to build a home that is superior in structure, energy efficiency, and cost than traditional stick built construction — in a fraction of the time. With our in-house design services we are able to create a custom home designed for each of our customers’ unique tastes..

Utilizing the Road Home Process Rocky Mountain Home Builders will guide you through an efficient home design process culminating in construction documents and final design selections. Once this process is complete, Rocky Mountain Home Builders gives you several General Contracting and resource options depending on what level of involvement you want to play in the home building process.

The Colorado Cabin Company is new and will be ramping up in the years to come. Colorado Cabin Company specializes in small get away cabins. There are a limited number of floor plans with limited customization. This allows us to be able to provide a lower cost for all of the people looking for an affordable way to have a cabin in the mountains.